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Supply voltage: 24V AC,50Hz
Power consumption: < 5 VA
Input: 4AI 2DI
Onput: 4AO 2DO
Dimensions (L × W × H): 164×150×53 mm
Weight (NET): 0.25kg
Ambient conditions : Operating: 0~50℃,10~90% RH
Electrical standards: 2004/108/EC
Protection class: IP20(IEC529)
Ordering code: CS-IOM6610-0

CS-IOM6610-0 supports 2 Binary Inputs and 2 Binary Outputs 4 Analog Inputs and 4 Analog Outputs.

CS-IOM6610-0 can serve in one of two capacities, depending on where it is installed in the Metasys system. When installed on the Sensor/Actuator (SA) Bus of a Field Equipment Controller (FEC) or Advanced Application Field Equipment Controller (FAC), CSIOM expands the point count of these controllers. When installed on the Field Controller (FC) Bus, CSIOM can be used as I/O point multiplexor to support monitoring and control from a Network Automation Engine (NAE) or Network Control Engine (NCE).


1.     Ability to reside on the FC Bus or SA Bus provides application flexibility.

2.     Pluggable communications bus and supply power terminal blocks expedite installation and troubleshooting.

3.     Binary Outputs support both normally open and normally close.

4.     Analog Inputs support 0-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA and1k NI [Johnson Controls] signal.

5.     Analog Outputs support 0-10V, 0-20mA, and 4-20mA signal.

6.     The output range of AO points can be changed, such as 1-9V.

7.     The value range of AO points can’t be changed; 0%-100% is default. Such as, it can’t be changed to 0%-50%.

8.     The unit of AO can’t be changed, % is default.