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Power Supply : DC 9V-24V
Interface Feature : interface is compatible with EIA/TIA RS-485 standard
Electric Interface : RS-485 interfaces are Terminal interfaces
Transmission Media : twisted-pair cable or shielded cable
Working Mode : asynchronous half or full duplex
Signal Indication : 3 signal indication lights indicate TXD, RXD and PWR
Isolation : isolation voltage 3500VRMS 500VDC sequence
Protecting Grade : RS-485 interface 1000W lightning strike and surge protection on each line
Working Environment : -25℃ to 70℃, 5% to 95% relative humidity Size ( L X W X H) : 125mmx54mmx25mm
Weight : 0.25 KG
Order No. : CS-RPT485

N2 Repeater:

CSC's RPT485 is a RS485 repeater and isolator, allows users to take full advantage of the RS-485 standard's

extended communication distances and multi-dropping capabilities. Operation is transparent to all devices and

no handshaking is required. Up to thirty-two RS485 devices can be driven.



Can prolong the communication distance of RS485 bus network.

Increase the number of RS485 device.

Automatic data direction control, zero-latency design.

Photoelectric isolator and DC/DC module, can offer 3500V isolation voltage and effectively prevent lightning

strike and common code interference.

High efficiency lightning protection tube can effectively inhibit lightning and ESD, and offer 1000W lightning

strike & surge protection power on each line.

Can greatly enhance the credibility of the whole RS485 network.

Full metal housing, anti-static, powerful anti-jamming capacity.