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Power Supply: 24 VAC
Power Consumption: 5 VA
DIN Rail Mounting (L X W X H): 164 MM X 145 MM X 57 MM
Order No.: CSGW


Chen Sen Gateway (CSGW) is an interface device to convert Modbus RTU to BACnet IP or MSTP. A large numbers of BACnet objects give you flexibility in mapping Modbus registers to any combination of BACnet objects. Packed Modbus registers may be parsed to multiple BACnet objects when reading. Multiple BACnet objects may be packed into a single Modbus register when writing. All standard Modbus register types are supported.

Value objects will poll their assigned Modbus register at the interval you specify. The content of the Modbus register will be given as the present value of the BACnet object when read. The Modbus register is written each time the BACnet value object is written. The value object corresponds to the Modbus holding register.

Input objects will poll their assigned Modbus register at the interval you specify, and provide the Modbus data as the present value when read. Commandable output objects are used to write Modbus registers, and will update the Modbus device each time BACnet is updated.


Read/Write any standard Modbus register via BACnet objects

1000 Input objects each of types AI, BI, MSI

1000 Output objects each of types AO, BO, MSO

1000 Value objects each of types AV, BV, MSV

BACnet slave is Modbus RTU master

Supports Modbus 'coils', input registers, holding registers

Single or double Modbus registers, signed, unsigned, IEEE 754

Modbus register mapping configured via web interface

Modbus registers may be scaled (x10, x100, x0.1, x0.01, etc.)

Modbus (master) polling interval configurable per point

Commandable BACnet objects implement priority array